S-Deposito® is a depot in a Swiss bonded warehouse where silver granules can be traded.

For this product, a repository in vaults of the financial system is excluded.
(Management of BB WERTMETALL AG)

Silver granules in a duty-free warehouse in Switzerland

  • Minimum purity 999.5.

  • The raw material suppliers are certified according to the “Good Delivery Standard.”

  • Guarantee of authenticity and purity by the supplier, Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (Leipzig Precious Metal Processing Inc.).

  • Minimum initial investment goal 1 talent (1’000 OZ.), with further amounts in 0.5 talent increments.
  • Brokerage commission and administrative costs of the product are covered through a 5% charge on the CHF or EUR price of the investment goal.  The amount is calculated on the closing date; future price changes are not applied to this Commission.
  • The initial payment at the time of closing, from which the commission is paid, is only 10% of the investment goal.
  • Subsequent payments from 250 CHF / 200 EUR upwards.
  • Semiannual deposit fee of 2 OZ is calculated for 6 months in advance
  • Semi-annual storage fee 0.5% of the average balance of the previous 6 months.
  • Current purchase, exchange and sales prices are listed at bb-wertmetall.ch.
  • All logistics and customs costs are already included in the purchase and sales prices.
  • Safe-deposit rooms in the duty-free warehouse of Zürcher Freilager AG in Embrach, Switzerland.
  • All risk is covered by the insurance company Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG.
  • VAT – neutral.  All purchases, sales and exchanges in the S-Deposito are free from Value Added Tax.  The place of residence of the S-Deposito owner is not relevant.
  • Income taxes – country-specific.  Swiss customers are not taxed on capital gains.  German customers are not taxed on capital gains, so long as the holding period is at least 12 months.  Customers from other countries must inquire about relevant tax regulations.
  • Property and wealth tax – country specific.  Swiss customers must report the account in their asset declaration.  German customers are currently not subject to wealth tax.  Customers from other countries must inquire about relevant tax regulations.
  • Your stock can be transferred to other S-Deposito owners at any time.  A signed statement sent by fax, by post, or by sending the scanned document by email, is all that is required.
  • Transactions will be executed on the trading day in which BB WERTMETALL receives the instruction statement by 12:00 noon.
  • Both S-Deposito owners will receive notification upon execution of the transfer.
  • All transactions are listed on the biannual deposit statement.

Silver granules

Purity .9999

1 Talent (31.104 kg) 22'480.00 CHF 21'018.80 CHF
1 Unze (31.104 g) 22.48 CHF 21.02 CHF
1 Shekel (15.552 g) 11.24 CHF 10.51 CHF
1 Drachme (3.456 g) 2.50 CHF 2.34 CHF

Last price update: 2022-05-27 08:10:00

1 Talent (31.104 g) 21.820,00 EUR 20.401,70 EUR
1 Unze (31,104 g) 21,82 EUR 20,40 EUR
1 Shekel (15,552 g) 10,91 EUR 10,20 EUR
1 Drachme (3,456 g) 2,42 EUR 2,27 EUR

Last price update: 2022-05-27 08:10:00

Price history Silver granules in CHF

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