The Gold Savings Plan

With the Gold Savings Plan at BB WERTMETALL AG you can purchase gold in small increments. You will be supported by competent financial advisors.

1 troy ounce (31.1g) Gold Investment Bars

  • Purity at least 999.9
  • Manufacturer and Mint: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (Leipzig Precious Metal Processing Inc.)
  • Raw material suppliers are "good delivery" certified
  • Protected in coin card packaging
  • A certificate of authenticity and fineness is included
  • Exempt from VAT


  • Safe vault room in Switzerland
  • Insurance protection against natural hazards, fire, burglary and robbery from Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

The Trade Process

  • Trading day is the first Thursday of the month (except official holidays and company vacation days)
  • Purchases and sales take place on this day


  • Target investment amount of at least 5 ounces
  • (Recommendation: 1 ounce per person in the family and 2 ounces per 100'000 CHF mortgage)
  • Automatic payment amounts begin at standing orders of 100 CHF per month
  • Additional payments by bank transfer are possible at any time
  • To cover the brokerage and product development costs, a commission of 5% of the CHF price of the target investment amount is due on the closing date. Future price changes will therefore not be considered with regard to the commission.
  • Prices are always up-to-date at
  • No storage fees
  • The minimum contract period is 1 year, after which payment pauses and termination are possible each month
  • The contract ends automatically as soon as the target investment volume has been reached

Delivery and Shipping

  • Delivery on customer request possible at any time as soon as at least 1 ounce has been purchased
  • Fully insured shipping, no risk for the buyer.
  • Shipping
    • 30 CHF per parcel up to 20,000 CHF value of goods
    • 80 CHF per Secure-Postal Package of up to 100.000 CHF value of goods

The current prices for gold

BB Wertmetall AG - Preise für Silber und Gold
Retail price Recommended exchange price Redemption Price *
1.629,55 CHF 1.528,37 CHF 1.427,18 CHF
1.493,48 EUR 1.413,30 EUR 1.333,13 EUR
VAT not included