Gold Savings Plan

The Gold Savings Plan

With the Gold Savings Plan at BB WERTMETALL AG you can purchase gold in small increments. You will be supported by competent financial advisors.

1 troy ounce (31.1g) Gold Investment Bars

  • Purity at least 999.9
  • Manufacturer and Mint: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (Leipzig Precious Metal Processing Inc.)
  • Raw material suppliers are "good delivery" certified
  • Protected in coin card packaging
  • A certificate of authenticity and fineness is included
  • Exempt from VAT


  • Safe vault room in Switzerland
  • Insurance protection against natural hazards, fire, burglary and robbery from Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

The Trade Process

  • Trading day is the first Thursday of the month (except official holidays and company vacation days)
  • Purchases and sales take place on this day


  • Target investment amount of at least 5 ounces
  • (Recommendation: 1 ounce per person in the family and 2 ounces per 100'000 CHF mortgage)
  • Automatic payment amounts begin at standing orders of 100 CHF per month
  • Additional payments by bank transfer are possible at any time
  • To cover the brokerage and product development costs, a commission of 5% of the CHF price of the target investment amount is due on the closing date. Future price changes will therefore not be considered with regard to the commission.
  • Prices are always up-to-date at
  • No storage fees
  • The minimum contract period is 1 year, after which payment pauses and termination are possible each month
  • The contract ends automatically as soon as the target investment volume has been reached

Delivery and Shipping

  • Delivery on customer request possible at any time as soon as at least 1 ounce has been purchased
  • Fully insured shipping, no risk for the buyer.
  • Shipping
    • 30 CHF per parcel up to 20,000 CHF value of goods
    • 80 CHF per Secure-Postal Package of up to 100.000 CHF value of goods

The current prices for gold

BB Wertmetall AG - Preise für Silber und Gold
Retail price Recommended exchange price Redemption Price *
1.463,82 CHF 1.372,85 CHF 1.281,89 CHF
1.286,96 EUR 1.223,86 EUR 1.160,77 EUR
VAT included