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With silver and gold, you are always going to be ‘on the gold standard’. Precious metals have retained their value for thousands of years. Even Abraham was ‘very rich in silver and gold’, according to the Bible. By contrast, our currencies are losing purchasing power daily. We at BB WERTMETALL AG have only one aim in view: to help you build up a fortune with silver and gold. We are the only provider who enables you to invest in purest silver granules with our S-Deposito account, and so make provision for your future. Furthermore, we offer you beautiful medals and bars of silver and gold – timelessly stable values.


Artfully embossed medals and bars are a particularly beautiful form of investment. And they also serve as a nest egg for times of crisis.

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S-Deposito light

We alone offer S-Deposito and S-Deposito light accounts which enable you to make flexible deposits and withdrawals in silver granulate – securely stored at our Swiss duty-free warehouse.

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Silver Value Plan
Gold Value Plan

You can acquire a considerable amount of handy medallions and bars step by step, with our Silver Value Plan and Gold Value Plan (constant).

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Medallions and bars

Acquire beautiful and timeless values in silver and gold

Medallions and bars of silver and gold add up to a small treasure, and they are eminently suitable as a gift for your loved ones. Both precious metals have retained their purchasing power over thousands of years. With us you can safely acquire exclusive silver medallions as well as silver and gold bars.

A valuable gift

For a birthday, Christmas or a special occasion: if you opt for medallions and bars of silver and gold as a gift, you can’t go wrong. They can be stored in a very small space. And if required they can be used as a medium of exchange.

Certificate vouches for purity

The value of our products depends on precious metal prices, which are subject to fluctuations. In addition to the pure commodity value, medallions and bars can have a value for collectors. On the other hand their production does cost something. Our silver and gold products are of the highest purity. A certificate guarantees their fine quality and authenticity.

Powerful message

Our silver medallions, silver bars and gold bars are embellished with a biblical verse (Haggai 2,8) in the original Hebrew. The text states: ‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine, says the LORD.’

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Silver Haggai & “Good Shepherd”

31,1 g – Purity .9995

32.71 CHF 29.44 CHF
31,67 EUR 28,50 EUR

VAT included (if applicable)
Price update: 2020-09-20 18:35:12 Uhr

Tax Value
17.30 CHF (1 Ounce) per 31.12.2019

Gold Haggai

31,1 g – Purity .9999

2'005.82 CHF 1'805.23 CHF
1.827,03 EUR 1.644,33 EUR

Last price update: 2020-09-20 18:35:12 Uhr

Tax Value
1'474,80 CHF (1 Ounce) per 31.12.2019

Price history Silver Haggai in CHF

Price history Gold Haggai in CHF

S-Deposito & S-Deposito light

Invest in silver – but in a smart way

All that glitters is not gold – and silver has special advantages for investors. It has been used as a means of payment since time immemorial. The Bible generally mentions silver even before gold. Unlike its ‘big brother’, however, it is often underestimated, which leads to undervaluation. In times of crisis, states quickly confiscate gold, but they keep their hands off silver granules. These represent an indispensable raw material in industry.

Silver granules + account = S-Deposito

With our S-Deposito and our S-Deposito light, we are the only supplier to enable you to invest in silver granulate. Our solution combines the advantages of physical silver with those of an account: your deposits flow directly into silver granules, which we store securely for you at our duty-free warehouse in Switzerland. Withdrawals can be made flexibly – and they are VAT-free.

S-Deposito Light

Silver granules

Purity .9999

1 Talent (31.104 kg) 25'830.00 CHF 24'151.05 CHF
1 Unze (31.104 g) 25.83 CHF 24.15 CHF
1 Shekel (15.552 g) 12.92 CHF 12.08 CHF
1 Drachme (3.456 g) 2.87 CHF 2.68 CHF

Last price update: 2020-09-20 18:35:12

1 Talent (31.104 g) 23.930,00 EUR 22.374,55 EUR
1 Unze (31,104 g) 23,93 EUR 22,37 EUR
1 Shekel (15,552 g) 11,97 EUR 11,19 EUR
1 Drachme (3,456 g) 2,66 EUR 2,49 EUR

Last price update: 2020-09-20 18:35:12

Price history Silver granules in CHF

Silver Value Plan & Gold Value Plan (constant)

Add to your silver stock step by step

Silver has been used as a means of payment since time immemorial. And there’s a good chance that this will continue to be the case in future. With our Silver Value Plan (constant) you can acquire a tidy sum of silver in small steps – in the form of handy silver medallions and bars. So you will be sure of having a useful nest egg to cope with any crisis.

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Become part of a real sharing economy

The best deals are made without money, based on the motto ‘You give me what I need, I give you what you need’. Bartering is the latest trend. Especially attractive are deals based on silver granules. This is about sharing true values. Goods or services change hands completely without money. The focus is not on a ‘stinginess is cool’ mentality, but on the common benefit.

Here’s how bartering works

Our S-Deposito and S-Deposito light solutions, which invest in silver granules, are designed to make barter transactions easy. Here you exchange silver granulate for the desired goods. The condition for such a trade is that both seller and buyer have an S-Deposito account. We are constantly working on further simplifying barter transactions and expanding our partner network.

Partners who offer payment via S-Deposito:

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A vision of true values

How can people and companies build and maintain real values? After the financial crisis of 2008, we looked for answers to this question in the Bible – and found them. BB WERTMETALL AG was created as a result in 2009. We have specialised in the development of precious metal products for private individuals and companies, because silver and gold have been important values from biblical times to the present.

Since 2015 the precious metal expert Werner J. Ullmann has been heading our business. He has made a name for himself as a director of listed gold exploration companies, and as the author of the bestseller ‘Profit mit Rohstoffen’ [‘Profit with Commodities’].

Network of financial consultants

Our head office is located in Lenzburg, Switzerland. But for the distribution of our products we rely on the services of independent consultants. As a financial intermediary we are subject to money laundering legislation and are a member of the self-regulating organisation (SRO) PolyReg Allg. Selbstregulierungs-Verein.

For a holistic perspective

We are convinced that the basic principles of investment are timeless. For example, the Bible already teaches the golden rule of diversification. And the threefold biblical portfolio theory still stands the test of time today: invest one third in people, family and businesses, one third in land and property and one third in liquidity – in the form of silver and gold. BB WERTMETALL AG’s solutions are the answer for this third category.

Our Team

Werner J. Ullmann

Werner J. Ullmann was appointed CEO in October 2015 when the company was renamed BB WERTMETALL AG. He is a graduate of business studies, with a deep knowledge of the precious metal sector. He has experience as a successful advisor to a variety of gold and silver mining funds and has been an initiator and board member of listed gold exploration companies. In addition, he became known in this sector as the author of ‘Profit mit Rohstoffen’ (Profit with Commodities), a book from the financial book publisher FinanzBuch Verlag (Munich, Germany). Support and development of young companies is also one of his core competencies. Requests for collaboration and all sales matters can be sent to him at w.ullmann (at)

Antonio Tomamichel

Antonio Tomamichel has been a member of the executive team since 2012 and is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The husband and father of 4 children is a Swiss Certified Chartered Accountant with his own fiduciary office in Lenzburg. As an experienced trustee, he ensures legal and economic accuracy in the conduct of business.

Contact him for questions about BB WERTMETALL AG products at antonio.tomamichel (at)

Our independent research partner

BB WERTMETALL AG cooperates with the renowned economist Christian Takushi for macro-economic fundamental analyzes. He specializes in currencies, emerging markets and geopolitical risks. Takushi achieved an excellent reputation as speaker at institutions such as the IMD, the University of Lausanne, the CFA Institute and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW.

We will be happy to advise you

Would you like to know more about silver and gold? About the biblical portfolio theory? About the challenges of our financial system? Or do you just want to invest your money safely? No matter what it’s about, we will be happy to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.